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Safety First


Here at CubKarts we take your child's safety very seriously. 

We provide everything that is required for the safe use of the Go Karts at indoor and outdoor events. We opperate four Karts within the safety of our inflatable track barrier. The karts can be disabled by the CubKarts  team. The top speed can be pre-set anywhere between 1 mph and 7 mph to suit the driver. The go karts are battery powered and do not emit any fumes during operation and are almost silent.


Here is a quick overview of the karts that CubKarts use. They are constructed from high quality materials with a focus on safety for the occupant.

1) Master Switch - Used by CubKarts to disable the Kart for maximum safety

2) Mud Guards - To keep drivers clean and tidy!

3) Steel Space Frame - Solid construction for maximum safety

4) Bumper - To absorb impacts

5) Inflatable tyres - Kind to all surfaces and provide good traction

6) Accelerator Pedal - Used by the driver to control the kart's speed

7) Adjustable seat and belt - For maximum comfort and safety