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Is CubKarting safe?

The activity and all of the equipment is carefully designed with safety in mind. CubKart staff will provide drivers with rules for the activity and supervise drivers to ensure they are followed . It is essential that all drivers adhere to instructions. All our equipment is regularly checked and our staff are trained to adhere to our safety procedures.

How many children should I plan to have at my CubKart Party?

There are up to four karts operating at once so we recommend a maximum of 16 children as a guide (ie 12 will be watching whilst 4 drive). We believe 12 to be the optimum number of drivers but often work with other numbers. Please contact us to discuss.

Are drivers shown what to do?

CubKart staff provide an instruction session to explain how to use the karts. The majority of children 'pick up' karting quickly. We will provide more support to those who need it, however we will not let any child continue to drive who we believe is unable to use the kart safely. Cub karting is surprisingly easy and great fun when done correctly.

How old do you have to be to drive the Cub Karts?

Between 4 to 10 years old.

What can the children do whilst waiting to drive at a party?

People often bring food and drinks for the spectators. Some parents bring additional pastimes for children to do in between their driving sessions. We will be happy to advise on suitable options

Where do CubKart Parties take place?

Indoor Parties usually take place at premises in and around the Lincolnshire and Yorkshire area. In some cases we are able to conduct parties in clients gardens, if they can accommodate the equipment. Please get in touch to discuss requirements.

What happens at a CubKart Party?

The exact format of parties depends on the number of children attending, their age and driving skill. After a safety briefing, the aim is to provide as much driving time as possible. Depending on the age and ability of the children, we vary the track configuration using cones. By the end of a party the drivers can expect to have progressed on to some quite complex manoeuvres and possibly even some reversing.

How do I book CubKarts for my Fete / Gala?

We attend Fetes and Galas all over Yorkshire and Lincolnshire but do get booked in advance for many regular events due to popular demand. We are always happy to consider new events - Please get in touch with us to see if we can give your event the extra edge!